Image Deskew


During mechanical feeding, some documents may get out of alignment during the scan process. Documents may be produced with varying degrees of misalignment known as the skew angle of the document.

The Image Deskew feature can be used to detect and correct this skew angle. It also allows you to specify the minimum and maximum angles that should be corrected.


To set Image Deskew, use the following procedure:

  1. Select the image database and click [Scanning Module].
  2. On the Scanning Module main window, click on [Image Control] to open the Scanner Image Control window.
  3. Click [Advanced Scanner Features].

  1. Click [Image De-Skew] on the Image-Master Advanced Features dialog box.
  2. The Deskew Setup dialog box opens.

  • Detection – Select this check box to enable skew detection.
  • Correction – Select this check box to enable correction of skewed images.
  • Minimum Angle, Maximum Angle – In degrees, enter the minimum and maximum skew angles that should be corrected.

When all selections have been made, click [OK].

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