Advanced Kofax Scanner Features


Additional processing features are available within Image-Master when a Kofax interface card is used in conjunction with a scanner. Image-Master advanced scanning features are controlled from the Image-Master Advanced Features dialog box located under the [Image Control] button on the Scanning Module main window.

NOTE: 2D bar codes are supported on Kofax interface scanners using Adrenaline controllers purchased after January 2000.


Use the following procedure to display the Image-Master Advanced Features dialog box:

  1. Select the desired database from the Master Control window and start the Scanning Module.

  2. Click the [Image Control] button.

  3. The Image-Master Advanced Features dialog box opens. Select the desired option and features.

Available Options

  • [Bar Code Setup] – Establishes bar code recognition.

  • [Patch Code Setup] – Sets up an action trigger during an automated scanning process.

  • [Image Deskew] – Detects and corrects a specified skew angle.

  • [Blank Page Suppression] – Automatically discards empty or partially empty pages during the scanning process.

  • [Close] – Exits the dialog box and returns Image-Master to the Scanner Image Control dialog box.

Available Features

Device Cache – Provides temporary storage for scanned images.

Image Annotation – In the current edition of Image-Master, the Image Annotation section is not available for use.

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