Advanced Blank Page Suppression


The Blank Page Suppression feature automatically discards pages that are completely or partially blank during the scanning process. This feature allows you to specify the minimum image size a scan page can be for Image-Master to consider it to be a non-blank page.

How to Use

To set blank page suppression, use the following procedure:

  1. On the Image Control window, select the image database and click [Scanning Module].

  2. On the Scanning Module main window, click [Image Control].

  3. The Scanner Image Control dialog box opens. Click [Advanced Scanner Features].

  4. Click [Blank Page Suppression] on the Image-Master Advanced Features dialog box.

  5. The Delete Blank Page Threshold dialog box opens.

  • Front, Back – Select this box to enable blank page suppression on the front or back of the page. You may select one or both of these options. If not using a scanner capable of duplex scanning, the back option will be disabled.

  • Image Size bytes – Enter the minimum number of bytes per page that will be saved as a scanned image. The number is based on format and resolution. For example, when scanning TIF images at 200 dpi, enter 300 - 400 bytes here. For 300 dpi, enter 1000 - 1200 bytes. You may need to experiment with these values for desired results.

  1. When all selections have been made, click [OK].

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