Formatting Merge Documents for Linear 3of9 Bar Code Recognition

NOTE: The major disadvantages of choosing a linear 3of9 bar code are their relatively large size and susceptibility to being damaged. Producing a reliably recognizable linear 3of9 bar code is a tradeoff between these two problems. Increasing the bar code width and height will improve recognition accuracy but consume more space on the page.

In order for WordPerfect to be able to generate a linear 3of9 1D bar code, a specific TrueType font (3of9.ttf) has to be installed on the computer. Image-Master workstation setup will automatically install the proper font in Windows. After a document has been formatted, perform a WordPerfect merge by using either the standard merge feature in WordPerfect, or the specialized merge toolbar provided by Vertican. The resulting merge output will contain properly encoded linear 3of9 1D bar codes.

How to Configure Linear 3of9 Bar Codes on a Merge Form:

  1. Open either the actual individual merge form to be merged or the corresponding category wrapper form.
  2. Put the insertion point cursor at the location in the document where the bar code should appear.
  3. Type the mandatory leading asterisk (*) character.
  4. Type the data to be encoded in the bar code.
  5. Type the mandatory trailing asterisk (*) character.
  6. Highlight the entire text string, including the leading and trailing asterisks, but not any other characters.
  7. From the menu choose Format>Font. Select "3of9 Bar Code" under Face, and select 22pt (or larger as appropriate) under size.
  8. Click [OK] to close the font dialog and apply the settings.

NOTE: While the WordPerfect merge commands can be placed directly on the document, it may be preferable to insert a WordPerfect text box (Insert>Text Box from the Menu) and place the bar code inside the text box. That way, the size and position of the bar code on the page can be precisely controlled and the bar code can be placed anywhere on the page, including in the margins or in the header and footer area without disturbing the underlying form layout.

  1. Repeat steps 2 through 8 for any additional linear 3of9 1D bar codes that should be placed on the document during the merge.
  2. Save and close the document.

Linear 3of9 Bar Code Example #1: *09-11375*


Linear 3of9 Bar Code Example #2: *This is a rather long text string.*

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