Choosing a Bar Code Type

There are many different bar code types available for use. The Image-Master Scanning Module can recognize over 26 different bar code types. Many of the bar code types have been designed to work with specific types of scanners and packaging, for example the UPC codes on most products available for sale at a retail store. Other types only contain symbols for a small number of characters, or they are a fixed length. An example is the Zip Code bar codes that appear at the bottom of US mail, that only contain the digits from 0 through 9 and can only be five characters or nine characters long.

Of all available bar code types, only a few support all the letters in the alphabet, plus all the digits, plus a reasonable group of common symbols. Narrowing further, only a few of that subset support variable length data and are not protected by patents.

The Image-Master bar code creation software implements two common bar code formats that encompass all of the requirements outlined above.

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