Preferred Choice: DataMatrix 2D Bar Code Type


A DataMatrix Bar Code consists of a rectangular group of small squares. The squares are arranged in such a way that a scanner can decode the bar code data even if a portion of the squares are damaged. The overall size of the outer rectangle is governed by the amount and type of data that will be represented. This bar code type can encode a large number of characters in a very compact space.

Example #1: File "09-11375"


Example #2: "This is an example of a rather long text string."


Example #3: "~?IM09123~FILENO=/09-11375~CMT=/Writ of Garnishment 2nd Debtor"

2D bar codes are supported on Kofax interface scanners using Adrenaline controllers purchased after January 2000. If Enhanced Bar Codes are not a listed option and an Adrenaline controller is being used to connect the scanner, contact technical support for a possible firmware upgrade to enable this feature.

How to Configure

  1. Start Image-Master, select the desired database and choose [Scanning Module].
  2. From the main scanning screen, select [Image Control], [Advanced Scanner Features].
  3. Select [Bar Code Setup].
  4. Under Enhanced Bar Code Recognition, select the desired 2D bar code type.

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