Using a DataMatrix 2D Bar Code to Encode Specific Filing Information

Because DataMatrix 2D bar codes can store a substantial number of characters in a compact space, it becomes possible to encode filing instructions for Image-Master within the bar code structure itself. When Image-Master scans this specially formatted bar code, the embedded filing instructions dictate which index fields are filled in. In addition, when using an "intelligent" DataMatrix 2D bar code, a "Firm ID Number" can be included which will uniquely identify the document and the bar code belonging to a specific Image-Master system.

NOTE: There is a long standing limitation in the 2D DataMatrix engine in WordPerfect (actually a limitation in the WP Merge) whereby Merge variables are limited in length to 127 characters. To overcome this limitation, which affects the ASSIGN merge command, an alternate strategy for creating the 2D bar code was developed that avoids the WP Merge variable. See "Alternate Method for 2D Barcode Generation with WordPerfect and the Collection-Master Merge" for details.

How to Configure

Create a DataMatrix bar code anywhere within the document that conforms to the following structure:


Characters in bold type should be interpreted literally and must appear as indicated.

fieldname1, fieldname2, etc. - The name of the index field in the Image-Master database that will be assigned the corresponding value.

value1, value2, etc. - The information that will be assigned to the corresponding fieldname. NOTE: Quotation marks are not permitted. To specify a character value, prefix the value with a slash "/".

nnnnn - (optional) a one to five digit "Firm ID". Can be any user specified number. To obtain a Firm ID number that is guaranteed to be unique across the entire universe of Image-Master users, please contact Technical Support.

Since an intelligent DataMatrix 2D bar code contains the field information, the data, and possibly the document structure, there is no additional configuration of Image-Master required.

This feature can be used in place of or in conjunction with the universal bar code mapping system. Even though it is not used, an intelligent DataMatrix 2D bar code does receive a bar code ID like universal bar codes, which should be taken into account when configuring universal bar codes to field mapping.

Using a Bar Code to Indicate the Last Page of the Document

A bar code that contains only the three letters EOD is a special bar code reserved to be placed on the last page of the document. When scanning, Image-Master will recognize this special bar code as the command to save the document. Unless this feature is turned off by the scanning operator, it is recognized in all scanning modes provided that Image-Master has been configured to recognize bar codes.

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