Format Documents for DataMatrix 2D Bar Code Recognition Type

NOTE: If you are running Image-Master 7.7 or higher, click here to view the preferred method of configuring a bar code.

In order for WordPerfect to be able to generate a DataMatrix 2D bar code, helper software in the form of the Image-Master 2D bar code module must be linked into the merge form and the appropriate information to be encoded must be specified.

NOTE: There is a long standing limitation in the 2D DataMatrix engine in WordPerfect (actually a limitation in the WP Merge) whereby Merge variables are limited in length to 127 characters. To overcome this limitation, which affects the ASSIGN merge command, an alternate strategy for creating the 2D bar code was developed in version 7.7 that avoids the WP Merge variable. See "Alternate Method for 2D Barcode Generation with WordPerfect and the Collection-Master Merge" for details.

How to Configure DataMatrix 2D Bar Codes on a Merge Form:

  1. Open the merge form, either the actual individual form to be merged or the corresponding category wrapper form.
  2. At any point in the form prior to the bar code, insert a WordPerfect ASSIGN merge command. (From the Merge Toolbar select Insert Merge Code, then More..., highlight ASSIGN in the Insert Merge Codes dialog box, and select [Insert].)

  1. For the Variable field, type "pDMBarcode" (without the quotes).
  2. For the text or expr field, type the data to be encoded in the bar code and click [OK] to complete adding the ASSIGN command.

NOTE: To encode the results of other merge fields, such as a field code, exit the ASSIGN dialog without typing anything in the text or expr field. Then at the document editing screen, place the cursor after the semicolon in the inserted ASSIGN command and type, insert, or paste the desired merge codes, text, and merge commands.

The WordPerfect ASSIGN merge command will "do the math" on the expression unless the entire expression is enclosed in quotation marks. This is especially important when merge field codes are used, since the actual value will not be known at form creation.

Correct: ASSIGN(pDMBarcode;"FIELD(8)")

Incorrect: ASSIGN(pDMBarcode,FIELD(8))

Because DataMatrix 2D bar codes can store a substantial number of characters in a compact space, it becomes possible to encode filing instructions for Image-Master inside the bar code structure itself. The same rule holds true when using Smart Barcoding. See Using a DataMatrix 2D Bar Code to Encode Specific Filing Information for details.

Correct: ASSIGN(pDMBarcode;"~?IM~fileno=/FIELD(8)~")

  1. At the location in the merge form that the bar code should appear, insert a WordPerfect NESTMACRO merge command. (From the Merge Toolbar select Insert merge Code, then More . . ., highlight NESTMACRO in the Insert Merge Codes dialog box, and select Insert.)
  2. In the Enter Macro Name field, type or click the folder icon and navigate to the following file: x:\IMASTER\MODULES\BARCODE\InsDMBar Code.wcm where x: is the drive letter where Image-Master is installed.
  3. Click [OK] to complete adding the NESTFORM command.

NOTE: While the WordPerfect merge commands can be placed directly on the document, it may be preferable to insert a WordPerfect text box (Insert, Text Box from the Menu) and place the merge commands inside the text box. That way, the size and position of the bar code on the page can be precisely controlled and the bar code can be placed anywhere on the page, including in the margins or in the header and footer area without disturbing the underlying form layout.

  1. Repeat steps 2 through 7 for any additional DataMatrix 2D bar codes that should be placed on the document during the merge.
  2. Save and close the document.

Once a document has been formatted, perform a WordPerfect merge by using either the standard merge feature in WordPerfect, or the specialized merge toolbar provided by Vertican. The resulting merge output will contain properly encoded DataMatrix 2D bar code images in place of the NESTMACRO merge commands contained in the source forms.

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