Alternate Method for 2D Bar Code Generation with WordPerfect and the Collection-Master Merge

NOTE: If you are running Image-Master 7.7 or higher, this is the preferred method of configuring a bar code.

In order for WordPerfect to be able to generate a DataMatrix 2D bar code, helper software in the form of the Image-Master 2D bar code module must be linked into the merge form and the appropriate information to be encoded must be specified.

There is a long standing limitation in the 2D DataMatrix engine in WordPerfect (actually a limitation in the WP Merge) whereby Merge variables are limited in length to 127 characters. To overcome this limitation, which affects the ASSIGN merge command, an alternate strategy for creating the 2D bar code was developed that avoids the WP Merge variable.

See "Format Documents for DataMatrix 2D Bar Code Recognition Type" for the primary method of bar code creation.

Avoiding the Merge Variable Limitation for Configuring DataMatrix 2D Bar Codes:

  1. Open an existing or new WordPerfect merge form.
  2. Insert a text box (Insert>Text Box).
  3. Select the text box and right click to bring up the context menu and then choose Position.
  4. In the Box Position dialog box, attach the text box to the Page and click [OK].

NOTE: The size and position of the bar code on the page can be precisely controlled and the bar code can be placed anywhere on the page, including in the margins or in the header and footer area without disturbing the underlying form layout.

  1. Reposition the text box to your desired bar code location. (The top-left corner of the text box will coincide with the top-left corner of the bar code.)
  2. Select the text box and right click to bring up the context menu and then choose Border/Fill.
  3. In the Box Border/Fill dialog box, on the Border tab, click the [Discontinue] button to remove the borders.

NOTE: Information in the bar code can either be hardcoded as a static text string or pulled from Collection-Master fields.

NOTE: The bar code could grow to be quite large, depending on the amount of information in the bar code.

  1. Place the merge commands inside the borderless text box. (It does not matter if the entire text is visible. You can expand the text box for ease of editing and then reduce it's size for the bar code placement/location.)


~?IM~cmt=/This is going to be a really long text string, that encompasses a very large number of characters. Now, lets add a file number~fileno=/YGC00005~cmt=/And this is a second assignment of additional really long text..Wonder what happens~debtor=/Samantha Service

  1. Enlarge or reduce the text box in the template as needed to accommodate the increased bar code size.
  2. Insert a WordPerfect NESTMACRO merge command immediately after the text in the text box.

a. From the Merge Toolbar select Insert Merge Code, then More . . .,

b. Highlight NESTMACRO in the Insert Merge Codes dialog box, and select Insert.)

  1. In the Enter Macro Name field, type or click the folder icon and navigate to the following file: x:\IMASTER\MODULES\BARCODE\InsDMBcv2.wcm where x: is the drive letter where Image-Master is installed.
  2. Click [OK] to complete adding the NESTFORM command.
  3. Save and close the document.

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