Inserting a Static 2D DataMatrix Bar Code in a Document

Image-Master has the ability to generate a DataMatrix 2D bar code directly in a document on demand of the user. This feature can be used to insert bar codes that encode information specific to the document in which they are placed.

How to Insert a Static DataMatrix 2D Bar Code in a Document

  1. Type the text to be encoded at the point in the document where the bar code should be placed. Alternatively, highlight existing text in the document and copy to the clipboard. Then place the WordPerfect insertion bar at the point where the bar code should be placed.
  2. Run the InsDMPaste macro located in the \IMASTER\MODULES\BARCODE\ folder. (Tools>Macro>Play, from the menu). A DataMatrix 2D bar code will be created from the text highlighted or copied to the clipboard at the insertion point.
  3. For ease of use, the InsDMPaste macro can be copied to the shared WordPerfect macro path, and/or a toolbar shortcut can be added to reference this macro within WordPerfect.

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