How Image-Master Uses Bar Codes

Image-Master uses bar codes to determine the filing criteria for a document. In addition, bar codes can be used to indicate when one document ends and the next document begins when scanning groups of documents in bulk.

Using Bar Codes to Specify Data Entry Fields

When bar codes are used to specify data entry fields, Image-Master assigns a reference ID number to each bar code appearing on each page of the document. Image-Master assigns a second reference ID number to each bar code which is cumulative across all pages for the document.

For example, if there are two bar codes on page one and one bar code on page two, the first bar code ID would be numbered 1 on page 1 and also 1 in batch (document). The bar code appearing on page 2 would have an ID of 1 on page 2 and also 3 in batch (document).

In universal recognition mode, which works equally well for all bar code types, each physical bar code can contain the filing information for one index field. Create a separate bar code on the document for each index field. Use the Image-Master Database Configuration Module to specify the bar code ID for each field that will be automatically filled in by the bar code recognition system.

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