Citi Living Media Bulk Document Exporter

Citi Living Media is a Class I exporter.

  1. To access this exporter, click on the [Viewing Module] button.

2.  Perform an appropriate query and then tag the desired documents from the Search Results list.

NOTE: If no documents are tagged, an Export Error message will appear.

3.  Click on the [Export] button to access the list of Class 1 Exporters.

4.  Click on the [Citi Living Media] button.

NOTE: The IMASTER.INI file must contain an [ExpCiti] section and you must be in the correct database for this export to function. If not, an error message will appear.

  • The Export dialog box opens.

Select Output Folder: Click to change the output folder which will contain the exported documents (Default is the Export\Citi folder inside the Image-Master network folder).

Citi Firm ID: Type the appropriate Firm ID assigned by Citi. The "AKA" portion of the filename will be replaced with this value in each exported document.

Account Field: Select the field from the Image-Master database that will populate the "ACCOUNT" portion of the filename.

Select Suffix Match File: Click to change the name of the Suffix Match Delimited Text File. A suffix match file must be created for each suffix match field being used that translates the Image-Master indexing information into Citi document suffixes.

Suffix Match File Layout:

TAB delimited text file - contains two fields per record

Field 1: Image-Master Suffix Match - Field Data varies

Field 2: Citi Document Suffix Code - Character 6 characters max

Suffix Match Field: Select the field from the Image-Master database that will be used to cross reference each document to the appropriate Citi Document Suffix Code in the Suffix Match File.

Output: Tagged documents are each exported to individual PDF files named by the Citi Document Export Specification:



firmid is as specified in the export dialog

yyyymmddhhmmss is the year, month, day, hour, minute, second calculated at the time each exported document is created

account is replaced by the value from the specified Image-Master field

partssn is replaced by the last four characters of the D1_SSN Image-Master field

suffix is replaced by the value from the lookup performed for each document in the Suffix Match File.

NOTE: If a corresponding suffix value can not be located in the Suffix Match File, the document name will be prefixed with the tag "ERROR_" and will have a blank suffix at the end of the name.

Data and File Validation Logic - Export Processing Logging

A processing log text file is created or appended for each export session that is run. The log file contains the date, time, and user running the export, as well as a line for each tagged document that fails to export for one of the following reasons:

A. Generated File Name is Invalid (account or SSN fields contain impermissible characters)

B. Page Count is Invalid (zero page document)

C. Generated File Name Conflicts with Another Document

Caution! The current Citi export specification may permit multiple Image-Master documents to resolve to the same file name. The date/time element contained in the specification only resolves to the nearest second, therefore multiple documents may be exported for the same account and suffix during that time period. The exporter will attempt to resolve the conflict by waiting until the seconds sub-element advances. However, under certain circumstances (especially in situations where multiple simultaneous exports are being performed to the same output folder) the exporter may be unable to create a non-conflicting file name.

D. Exported File Verification Failure (there was a problem verifying the document was successfully created in the output folder)

Saving Citi Exporter Settings

Specific settings for any of the Citi Exporter fields can be saved and used during subsequent exports.

A. Open the IMASTER.INI file in Notepad for editing (Start, Programs, Image-Master, Image-Master Config File from the Start Menu).

B. Navigate to the bottom of the comment section of the file and insert the following:

First Line: [EXPCITI]

Second and Subsequent Lines: one each of the following can be specified:

OutputFolder= full path to the desired document output folder including trailing backslash (default is in the network IMASTER\EXPORT\CITI folder)

FirmID= desired Firm ID (AKA) (default is XXX)*

AccountField= name of Image-Master field to use (default is first field in the Image-Master Database)*

MatchField= name of Image-Master field to use (default is first field in the Image-Master Database)*

MatchFile= full path and filename of match file to use for document suffix (default is CITIXREF.TXT in the network IMASTER folder)

LogFile= full path and filename of processing log file (default is CITIEXPORT.LOG in the network IMASTER folder)

Omit the line entirely to have it start at the specified default value. Including a setting as blank after the equal sign will explicitly set the value to blank.

Defaults marked with an asterisk (*) are placeholder values and these settings will most likely need to be explicitly specified in order for the exporter to produce useful results.

For example, for a typical Vertican Image-Master database these are the values that would be used (Items not listed assume the default values as specified above):





5.  Click the [Export Documents] button.

NOTE: If any errors occurred or documents were skipped, the Export Processing Completed message box will indicate how many documents were exported and how many documents had errors.

6.  Click the [OK] button.

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