Bulk Document Exporter: Class II - Custom Selection List

Class II exporters are custom modules written for specific customers and specific Image-Master database layouts, and have limited error recovery and reporting. They are documented, but any use outside the original intended purpose is at the sole risk of the user. Most Class II exporters can be found in the Import/Export Module.

This Custom Selection List exporter is a derivative of the Juris/Kass Custom from the List exporter, modified to allow flexible field naming and searching; however, fields controlling the output file names are hard coded. This exporter reads records from a selection list and exports matching documents. Documents are placed in folders named by the selection criteria. Files are named CMT_DDATE_timestamp.PDF or CMT_DDATE_timestamp.TIF.

  1. Open the Import/Export Module.

  2. Select the desired Image-Master database.

  3. Select the Custom Selection List bulk document export option.

Select Query File: Click to select the query file to use for determining the document(s) that are to be exported.

Query File Layout:

Row 1 (Indexed field to be searched/matched): TAG imfieldname, where TAG is a required string and imfieldname represents an Image-Master field that will be searched for documents. The search criteria data is specified in Rows 2 through the end of the file. The specified field must be indexed (has the Fast Find Feature enabled) within Image-Master.

Rows 2 through to the end of file contain the undecorated data upon which to search.

Select Output Folder: Click to change the output folder which will contain the exported documents (Default is the Export folder inside the Image-Master network folder).

Output Document File Format: Choose from TIF or PDF (Default is TIF).

Output: All documents matching are exported to subfolder(s) named by the data being searched. The image format is as specified by the Output Document File Format selection. Images are multi-page and are named CMT_DDATE_timestamp.TIF or .PDF

where CMT is an Image-Master Database field

where DDATE is an Image-Master Database field (date data type)

where timestamp is a file creation timestamp (milliseconds since midnight) included to ensure document uniqueness