Document List - CSV Bulk Document Exporter

Document List - CSV is a Class I exporter.

NOTE: This Class I exporter does not export the document contents; rather, it exports the indexing information for the tagged documents instead.

  1. To access this exporter, click on the [Viewing Module] button.

2.  Perform an appropriate query and then tag the desired documents from the Search Results list.

NOTE: If no documents are tagged, an Export Error message will appear.

3.  Click on the [Export] button to access the list of Class 1 Exporters.

4.  Click on the [Document list - CSV] button.

  • The Export dialog box opens.

Output file name: Type the desired output file name to be generated containing the exported data (Default is the name of the Image-Master database with an extension .CSV).

Output: A single text file as specified on the options dialog with a CSV (comma separated string quoted layout).

Contents: Contains the tagged document index information of the search results as rows.

Index fields: Fields placed in the CSV file are the same fields in the same order as appears in the Search Results window, and can be configured for inclusion/exclusion/position in the configuration module.

Extra internal Image-Master fields are added to the end of each row that may be valuable for certain uses: NPATH,NFILE,NFEXT,STATUS.

Field Name = npath

Length = 60

Data Type = character

Description = Path to Images in this document

Possible paths:

NOTE: (All CLS customers use absolute paths. A "C" means exported to Collection-Master.)

  • absolute path (ie. C:\IMASTER\IMAGES\) [used with fixed media]

  • UNC path (ie. \\SERVER\SHARE\FOLDER\) [doc on a NAS or similar]

  • URL path (ie. Http://

nfile 5 Character File Name Prefix
nfext 3 Character Image Name Extension (ie. TIF, JPG, PCX)
status 1 Character Multiple Uses Flag

5.  Click the [OK] button.

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