Bulk Document Exporter: Class II - Juris/Kass Custom from List

Class II exporters are custom modules written for specific customers and specific Image-Master database layouts, and have limited error recovery and reporting. They are documented, but any use outside the original intended purpose is at the sole risk of the user. Most Class II exporters can be found in the Import/Export Module.

The Juris/Kass exporter reads records from a selection list and exports matching documents. Documents are placed in folders named by CLIENTNO and MATTERNO fields that must exist in the database. Files are named by the DOCDESC field that also must exist in the database.

  1. Open the Import/Export Module.

  2. Select the desired Image-Master database.

  3. Select the Juris/Kass Custom from List bulk document export option.

Select Query File: Click to select the query file to use for determining the document(s) that are to be exported (If invoked from the Viewing Module, neither the search results nor tagging documents have any effect on the generated output).

Query File Layout:

TAB delimited text file: Contains two to four fields per record.

Field 1: CLIENTNO - Character - six characters maximum.

Field 2: MATTERNO - Character - eight characters maximum.

Optional Field 3: Start Date - Character - formatted date MM/DD/YYYY

Optional Field 4: End Date - Character - formatted date MM/DD/YYYY

Field Rules: Each row must contain a valid MATTERNO, and either a blank (matching all sub-records) or non-blank CLIENTNO. All matching documents are exported unless a date filter is applied. If Field 3 (Start Date) is present, only documents scanned on or after the start date will be exported. If Field 4 (End Date) is present, only documents scanned on or before the end date will be exported.

Select Output Folder: Click to change the output folder that will contain the exported documents (The default is the Export folder inside the Image-Master network folder).

Document Filter Expression: Click to open the Expression Builder to establish or edit a conditional filter in order to further define whether a given document should be exported.

If the Document Filter Expression is blank, all documents otherwise meeting the export selection criteria will be exported.

If the Document Filter Expression is not blank, it is evaluated for each document that meets the export selection criteria. If the expression evaluates to logical TRUE, the document is exported. If the expression evaluates to logical FALSE, the document is not exported.


All documents matching each specified MATTERNO in the Image-Master database are exported to subfolder(s) named by ClientNo.MatterNo (CLIENTNO+"."+MATTERNO), or, if CLIENTNO is blank, then (MATTERNO) without the period delimiter. The image format is fixed as PDF. Images are multi-page and are named DOCDESC_timestamp.PDF, where DOCDESC is an Image-Master database field and where timestamp is a file creation timestamp (milliseconds since midnight) included to ensure document uniqueness.