Midland Bulk Document Exporter

Midland is a Class I exporter.

  1. To access this exporter, click on the [Viewing Module] button.

2.  Perform an appropriate query and then tag the desired documents from the Search Results list.

NOTE: If no documents are tagged, an Export Error message will appear.

3.  Click on the [Export] button to access the list of Class 1 Exporters.

4.  Click on the [Midland] button.

  • The Export dialog box opens.

Output File Name: Fill in the name of the MIDLAND packaged ZIP file to contain the formatted images (Default is MIDLAND-yyyymmdd-tttttttt.ZIP, where yyyymmdd is the date of export and tttttttt is a timestamp to ensure file/export run uniqueness).

Output File Structure: One multi-page TIF image created per corresponding Image-Master document.

Name for each image: fwrefno_lastname_documentdate_timestamp.TIF, where fwrefno and ddate (document date) are the internal Image-Master data fields (hard coded), where lastname is a calculated substring from the Image-Master field debtor consisting of the start of debtor through (but not including) the first slash "/", and where timestamp is a file creation timestamp (milliseconds since midnight) included to ensure document uniqueness.

Processing File #: Displays file number of the document being processed.

5.  Click the [OK] button.


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