TRAKAmerica Bulk Document Exporter

TRAKAmerica is a Class I exporter.

  1. To access this exporter, click on the [Viewing Module] button.

2.  Perform an appropriate query (Database Search or External Query File) and then tag the desired documents from the Search Results list.

NOTE: If no documents are tagged, an Export Error message will appear.

3.  Click on the [Export] button to access the list of Class 1 Exporters.

4.  Click on the [TRAKAmerica] button.

  • The Export dialog box opens.

Select Output ZIP File Location and Name: Click to change the output folder which will contain a ZIP compressed archive of the exported media (Default name is TRAK-yyyymmddserial. ZIP created in the EXPORT folder inside the Image-Master network folder).

Select Description Match File: Click to change the name of the Description Match Delimited Text File. A description match file must be created for each match field being used that translates the Image-Master indexing information into Trak document names.

Description Match File Layout: TAB delimited text file contains three fields per record.

Field 1: Trak Document Code Numeric four digits maximum (characters)

Field 2: Trak Document Type Code Character 40 characters maximum

Field 3: Image-Master Field Data To Match bounded same as in Image-Master

Description Match Field: Select the field from the Image-Master Database that will be used to cross reference each document to the appropriate Trak Document Code in the Document Match File.

Processing Log File: Click to change the location and/or name of the export processing log file.

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