Configuration: Adding, Modifying and Deleting Indexed Fields

NOTE: If the configuration module is entered for an in-use database, structural changes will not be allowed. In order to release this restriction, all users must exit the database (including resident, but idling PTI modules). The configuration user must also exit back to the Master Control screen and re-enter the Configuration Module for the system to recognize that the database can be and should be opened in exclusive access mode.

Adding an Index Field

  1. On the Index Field Editor dialog box, click the [Add New Field] button.

  1. Rename the "NEWFIELD" name in the Field Name text box to your desired field name.

  2. Type the default value in the Default Value text box.

The default value is an expression that will determine the type and size of each field. The following are examples of common expressions which may be used as defaults.

Common Field Value Expressions

General character string default is blank: SPACE({number of chars}) or SPACE(10) = Ten spaces

Literal string: "HELLO"

Literal number: 1000

Current system date: DATE()

Current system time: TIME()

Blank date: {}

The FoxPro Expression Builder is available to users experienced with this tool. To access it, press the ellipsis next to the Default Value text box. Consult a FoxPro manual for more information on using the FoxPro Expression Builder.

  1. Type the Data Entry Prompt that will appear to the left of the Data Entry dialog box in the Viewing Module and Scanning Module.

  2. Click on the [Validation Field Level Event Expression] button to open the Expression Builder.

  3. Select your desired Fields, functions and Variables along with other options in the Expression Builder.

  1. Continue to add index fields by clicking the [Add] button and follow the preceding steps.

  2. To save the file, click the [OK] button. To discard any changes, click [Cancel].

Deleting an Index Field

  1. Click on the field in the Index Field list box.

  2. Click the [Delete] button.

  3. To confirm that you want to delete that field, click [OK].

Modifying an Index Field

  1. Click on the field in the Index Field list box.

  2. Make the changes to any of the field’s values.

  3. Click [OK].

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