Configuration: Creating Index Fields

NOTE: If the configuration module is entered for an in-use database, structural changes will not be allowed. In order to release this restriction, all users must exit the database (including resident, but idling PTI modules). The configuration user must also exit back to the Master Control screen and re-enter the Configuration Module for the system to recognize that the database can be and should be opened in exclusive access mode.

  1. Click the [Index Field Editor] button on the Configurator Controls screen.

  2. The Index Field Editor dialog box opens. Use the Index Field Editor to define the structure of each of the fields within the scan set record.

  • Index Fields – A list of all the fields for this database

  • Field Name – Displays the name of the selected index field.

  • Default Value – The value for the selected field which determines the type of field it is (ex. character, numeric, logical), and its default value when a new scan set is started.

  • Data Entry Prompt – The prompt that appears to the left of the index field on the Data Entry dialog box in the Viewing Module and Scanning Module.

  • Picture Clause Expression – Input formatting code used for data entry. Click here for more details regarding Picture Clause Expressions.

  • Validation Clause Expression – Used to reduce errors during data entry. Click here for more details regarding Validation Clause Expressions.

Command Buttons

[Selected Field Options] – Opens the Field Optionsdialog box which contains processing options for the index field.

[Default Sort Order] - Opens a Select Sort Order work screen for sorting available fields for specific sort results.

[Add New Field] – Creates a new index field.

[Delete Selected Field] – Erases the selected index field.

[OK] – Accepts changes and modifies the database.

[Cancel] – Discards all changes to image database.

Adding a New Field

  1. In the Index Field Editor tab, click on the [Add New Field] button.

2. In the Selected Field Settings window, you may edit the Field Name, Default Value, Data Entry Prompt, Picture Clause Expression, Validation / Field Level Event Expression and the Display Field on Data Entry Screen Tab #.

  1. When you finish editing the categories, click [Ok].

Deleting a Field

  1. Select the [Delete Selected Field] button to open the Configuration Module Confirmation dialog box.

  1. Verify that the selected field is the one to be deleted.
  2. Select [OK]. The deletion operation will be performed.

Sorting a Field


This Select Sort Order feature permits sorting the entire list.


  1. In the Available Fields area, select any category to the Sort Results on dialog box with either the [Add] or [Remove] button.
  2. You can choose the order of how the sorted fields are categorized by selecting or unselecting the Descending option on the side of the Sort Results on box.

  1. Select [Ok] to immediately sort the list.


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