Configuration: Default Value Fields

The Default Value Field serves the role to determine the data type, the maximum length, and the default or initial value to use when saving new documents. For each of the primary data types, there are functions that will return either a blank or common value of the needed size:

NOTE: If the configuration module is entered for an in-use database, structural changes will not be allowed. In order to release this restriction, all users must exit the database (including resident, but idling PTI modules). The configuration user must also exit back to the Master Control screen and re-enter the Configuration Module for the system to recognize that the database can be and should be opened in exclusive mode.

Character: Use character fields for letters, numbers, and symbols (ex. Social Security numbers, zip codes, phone numbers, client reference numbers).

  • SPACE(n) - Initializes the field to Character blank of length n, where n is a number from 1 to 254.
    ex: SPACE(15), creates a 15-character alphanumeric field.

Numeric: Holds numbers only.

  • 0...0[.]0--0 - Initialize the field to Numeric blank/zero. 0...0 is 1-9 zero (0) characters that serve as the place holder for the desired maximum value. [.] is an optional decimal point that is used to specify fractional numbers. 0--0 is an optional 1-9 zero (0) characters that serve as the place holder for the fractional part.
    ex. 000.00, creates a 5 digit number ranging from 0.00 through 999.99.
    If a non blank/non-zero default is desired, embed the desired default by substituting the correct number for the zero characters.
    ex. 0023, creates a 4 digit number ranging from 0000 through 9999 with a starting value of 23.


  • {} - Initializes the field to a Date that is blank.
    DATE() - Initializes the field to today's date.


  • .T. = True, .F. = False as the default.

NOTE: The type is determined by the default value assigned for that field.

The field name can be up to eight characters with no spaces. It can start with letters or the underscore symbol (_) and contains only letters, numbers, and underscores.

The following seven field names are reserved and cannot be used for index information:

volume npath nfile nfext npages status nfullname

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