Configuration: Specialized Field Wizard

NOTE: Adding the LMDateC field causes documents to be automatically filed in folders based on the date of document creation (today's date). By default, all scanned documents are grouped by the 4-digit year plus the 2-digit month. The grouping can be changed to other time periods, such as weekly, daily, and yearly. All electronic (Print to Image-Master and File to Image-Master) documents are additionally sub-grouped by the computer ID on which the documents were created.

NOTE: Adding the UserID field causes documents to be automatically identified by the user's computer (Windows/Network) login, or by the username entered at the Image-Master login screen. When used with the latter option and automation services such as Print to Image-Master or File to Image-Master (which do not require an explicit login), the administrator can specify the desired user by setting a user environment variable called "PTIUSER", which should be set to the desired username to be used with these services.

The Specialized Field Wizard automatically enters the correct settings for a number of common database fields.

How To Configure:

  1. From the Index Field Editor dialog in the Configuration Module, click on the [Field Wizard] button.

  1. Click on the button of the desired custom field type to be added to the database.

  2. Depending on the field being added, the Field Wizard may prompt for additional information to complete the request.

  3. The field is added to the database and the settings for the field are automatically defined.

NOTE: Once the field has been added, individual option settings can be changed in order to customize the field functionality for a non-standard environment. However, the default settings defined by the Field Wizard should be appropriate for most installations.

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