Global Settings for an Image Database

Global settings designate the directory and path where the scanned images and index records are stored. It also holds dialog boxes used to "fine tune" the technical aspects of the scan process. These features are set up when the image database is being established and can be readjusted as needed.

NOTE: Changing the long database name does not alter the file names of the database components on the file server.

  1. Click the [Global Settings] button on the Configurator to open the Global Settings dialog box.

  2. The Global Settings dialog box contains the following text boxes:

  • Next Job ID – Assigned and maintained by Image-Master.

  • Database Structure Revision Level – Assigned by the Image-Master system.

  • Scanner Settings – Use the Scanner Image Control dialog box to adjust scanner settings. For more details, refer to the Using the Image Control to Adjust Scan Settings section.

  • Full Pathspec To – This section lists directory paths for the following items:

    • Index DBF – The directory where the index database is located. If this path is changed, you must move the index database or an error will occur.

    • Images – The directory where the new images that are scanned will be stored.

    • Permanent Media – The path to CD ROM equipment that will be used for Image-Master.

The images may be stored in a different directory from the Index DBF. These are the fields used to make that distinction.

There are defaults for each component. To change the default, click the ellipsis button to open a Select Directory dialog box.

  • Database Description - Databases can have long names (up to 60 characters).

  • Scan Using ADF – Check if an Automatic Document Feeder is attached to the scanner to be used by default.

  • Field Prompts – Sets the visual appearance of the Data Entry window.

  1. Enter desired values and click [OK] to return to the Configurator.

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