Configuration: FoxPro Index Fields

Index fields may be one of the following types used by the FoxPro system:

  • Character – Use character fields for letters, numbers, and symbols (ex. Social Security numbers, zip codes, phone numbers, client reference numbers). A maximum field width of 254 spaces is available.

  • Numeric – Holds numbers only. A field width of up to 20 with an optional plus/minus sign and decimal place is available.

  • Date – FoxPro can understand and perform mathematical calculations on date values and return the result as a date. FoxPro can also display the date in any of a number of U.S. and international formats.

  • Logical – Holds T (true) or F (false).

NOTE: The type is determined by the default value assigned for that field.

The field name can be up to eight characters with no spaces. It can start with letters or the underscore symbol (_) and contains only letters, numbers, and underscores.

The following seven field names are reserved and cannot be used for index information:

volume npath nfile nfext npages status nfullname

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