Image Database Configuration Introduction

This section is designed to help the system administrator create and define an image database.

If the configuration module is entered for an in-use database, structural changes will not be allowed. In order to release this restriction, all users must exit the database (including resident, but idling PTI modules). The configuration user must also exit back to the Master Control screen and re-enter the Configuration Module for the system to recognize that the database can be and should be opened in exclusive mode.

Exclusive access restricts the user from the following operations: Adding New Fields, Deleting Fields, the Field Wizard, and changing the Default Value of Existing Fields. There are visual and control cues when the restrictions are in effect (the Add, Delete and Field Wizard buttons are grayed and un-selectable, the default value field is grayed and un-editable).

When establishing a new image database file:

  • Determine the directories that will be used to store the image database and the images.

  • Assign a file name.

  • Modify the default Image Control settingsas needed to run the scan process.

  • Determine the structure of the database to allow for both ease of use during data entry and accurate retrieval.

If the fast-find feature is turned off, the image database is comprised of two files on the disk:

  • XXXXXXCF.DBF - The configuration file that holds information about the structure of the scan file and information regarding location and processing options for images

  • XXXXXXSC.DBF - Database file which holds the information to locate the scanned documents

If the fast-find feature is turned on, an additional file is named:

  • XXXXXXSC.CDF - A is file that holds fast-find feature information.

  • This file is created and maintained by Image-Master automatically.

Database Configuration Topics Include:

Configurator Controls and Displays

Creating a New Image Database

Global Settings for an Image Database

FoxPro Index Fields

Creating Index Fields

Adding, Modifying and Deleting Indexed Fields

Field Options

Preset List /Drop-down Editing

Preset List: Changing an Item via the Internal List

Preset List: Deleting an Item via the Internal List

Preset List: Sorting an Internal List

Preset List: Printing an Internal List

Preset List: External Database, Spreadsheet, or Delimited File Option

Specialized Field Wizard

Debtor Name and File Number Cross Referencing

Image-Master Database Structure for CLS000SC.DBF