Creating a New Image Database

NOTE: Image-Master databases are composed of two tables and an index file.


The "New Image Database" function automatically creates the corresponding base image storage directory folder within the IMASTER\IMAGES\ folder if the appropriate network rights permit this activity. By default, the folder name will match the database name prefix (the first six characters of the database name). If folder creation succeeds (or if the designated folder already exists), the "Full Pathspec to Images" field in Global Settings will be set to point to the new folder. If folder creation fails, a warning message will be displayed and the default path of \IMASTER\IMAGES\ will be used instead.


To assign a name and the path to a new image database, use the following procedure:

  1. At the Master Control window, click the [Database Configuration] button.

  1. Click the [New Database] button. The New Configuration Database dialog box opens, displaying a default Filename and Directory.

  1. Enter the database prefix. It can be up to six characters long. If more than six characters are entered, the prefix will be truncated to the first six. If fewer than six characters are entered, the name will be extended to six characters by padding with zeros. The proper file designator cf and sc will automatically be added to the name prior to file creation. The extension .dbf will automatically be assigned by Image-Master.

  2. Enter a brief description.

  3. For the Full Path locations, accept the defaults or browse for your desired paths.

  4. To create the image database and return to the New Configuration Database dialog box click [OK].


  • If an image database with the same name already exists, a prompt will appear.

  • To overwrite the existing image database, click [Yes].

  • The old files will be overwritten with the empty image database.

  • The Configurator displays the new image database.

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