View Documents from within Collection-Master with FullView

Viewing Documents within Collection-Master

  • Call up the Paperless File for a file number that has scanned documents. A Paperless entry typically has the following form:

99/99/99 EDI SCAN: 03 (Document Description Appears Here)


97/12/15 EDI SCAN: 03 Summons and Complaint

  • To view the documents associated with a Paperless entry, highlight the entry and double-click on it or press [Shift  F5].

  • In a short period of time, (typically less than 20 seconds), the FullView viewer will appear with the first page visible in the

  • If you do not have rights to view the image, an Access Denied message box will appear.

  • To view additional documents, highlight the corresponding entry in the Paperless and press [Shift-F5]. The new document set will replace
    the existing one being viewed (almost immediately if you haven't closed the viewer).

  • When you are done viewing the document, close the FullView viewer window with the [X] in the upper right corner.

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