Image-Master FullView Professional

FullView Professional is the viewing software that is included with Image-Master. If you are using different viewing software, consult the manual for that product for instructions on its operation.

Performance Tip: Do not close (quit or terminate) the viewer after viewing the images. On subsequent scans, your computer will not have to spend the time to reload the software if you keep FullView open. If you minimize the viewer, it will stay minimized until you restore the window.

Pressing the [Close] button or the [Alt-F4] keys closes the document currently open, releases the Image-Master license, and minimizes (hides) the viewing window. This helps to utilize system resources, minimize startup delays when a document is requested, and prevent the unintentional closing of the viewer in mid-session.

  • If FullView was invoked or is under the control of Image-Master, FullView will unload and shut down completely when Image-Master is closed.
  • If FullView was invoked by Collection-Master or by another third-party application, FullView will unload and shut down completely when Windows is shut down or when the active user is logged off.
  • FullView can be manually shut down at any time by the user. Choose File>Exit from the FullView menu to close the document currently open, release the viewing license, and completely shut down and remove the viewer from memory.

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