Image-Master FullView Professional Menu Options

File Menu

Open - Locates and opens an existing file.

Close - Closes the currently displayed scan set.

Lock Document Window - Keeps the current scan set from being replaced by a subsequent request to view another scan set. A subsequent request will open a second document in another window.

NOTE: No more than two viewing windows may be simultaneously opened; however, either one of the windows may be locked or unlocked.

Preferences - The Preferences Menu adjusts system, display, and printing options.

Save Settings - Saves current preference options.

Print - Prints the currently displayed page, range, or scan set. Click here for FullView printing details.

Exit - Closes FullView Professional.

View Menu

Full Page - Returns viewing to full page when using the zoom feature.

Rotation Options:

Normal - No rotation.

Right - Rotates page 90° clockwise.

Upside Down - Rotates page 180°.

Left - Rotates page 90° counterclockwise.

Page Menu

Previous Page - Reduces the current page number by one, retrieves and displays the corresponding image.

Next Page - Increases the current page number by one, retrieves and displays the corresponding image.

List Pages - Lists every page in the document set in order. Select a page from the list and click [OK] to jump to the selected page. Also provides the option of showing the actual file name in place of the page number.

Help Menu

Keyboard Commands... - Reserved for future use. Click here for Keyboard shortcut details.

About FullView... - Shows version, copyright information, user, active licenses, maximum licenses, expiration date and detailed technical information.

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