Printing from FullView

NOTE: The settings for Selecting the Print Method and Selecting a Printer will be retained until FullView Professional is shut down. To make the settings permanent for FullView on this workstation, Choose File>Save Settings and then confirm that the current settings should be saved.

  • Select File>Print from the FullView menu bar to open the Print dialog box or click on the [Print] icon.


  • The Print dialog box appears.

  • The Print dialog box displays the currently selected print device.

  • To change or modify the selected printer's settings, click on the [Setup/Change] button to open a Print Setup dialog box.


Print Range

All - Prints all pages in the scan set group.

Pages from - Prints a range of pages specified by page number in the from/to boxes.

Current Page - Prints the currently displayed page.

Current Display Area - Prints selected area of document.

Number of Copies - enter a number or use the up/down arrows to select a value.

Printing Resolution - Selects the printer’s output resolution in dpi (dots per inch). For optimal print performance and clarity, choose a print quality that matches or slightly exceeds the resolution of the scanned image. Increasing the print quality beyond the image resolution will lengthen the print time with no additional improvement in image clarity. 

NOTE: Due to a bug in Adobe PDF, this setting affects the font size of annotations when printing to an Adobe PDF.

Advanced Print Options

        Enable Printing Margins - Sets the page margins.

        Fit Image to Physical Page - Adjust oversized images to fit the printed page.

        Duplex Printing - This allows for the automatic printing of a sheet of paper on both sides.

        Enable Image Annotation - This provides a means for adding text to the page at a specified position as referenced from the top-left of the page.

      [OK] or [Cancel] returns you to the Print dialog box.

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