FullView Zoom - Enlarging a Section of the Image

  • To use the Zoom Feature, position your mouse pointer on the image.
  • Hold down the left button and the pointer will change into a crosshair. Drag the crosshair away from the initial position and a rectangle will form outlining a portion of the image that you want to see in more detail.
  • Release the left mouse button. The part of the image that was contained in the rectangle will enlarge to fill the viewing area.
  • This procedure may be repeated until the desired size is attained.
  • When using the Zoom feature, vertical and horizontal scroll bars become available to help move through the enlarged image.
  • To view the full page, open the View menu and select Full Page View.
  • To zoom in and out the entire document, rather than enlarge a particular section, you can use your scroll wheel.


Scrolling via the mouse wheel in FullView

When viewing a document in FullView Professional, you can use your mouse wheel to zoom in and out of the image.

  • [CTRL] + scroll wheel forward zooms in.
  • [CTRL] + scroll wheel backward zooms out.

This enhancement was/will be implemented in late February, 2014.

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