Image-Master Architecture

Core Engine: Image-Master™ is written in the Microsoft FoxPro 4gl language utilizing advanced SQL queries and fully optimized Rushmore technology. Customized versions of the Image-Master™ application are available to OEMs and VARs who wish to integrate the Image-Master™ functionality with their products.

Viewing Engine: An ultra fast decompression and image manipulation module is included within Image-Master™. Additional viewers for specialized applications can be easily integrated via a standard plug-in API.

Viewing Formats: TIFF, Adobe PDF, PCX, CALS, JPEG, BMP, and MIL are supported using the FullView32 Classic Viewing Engine included with Image-Master™.

Scanning Engine: A high performance custom scanning interface provides hands-off scanning for most TWAIN and all Kofaxattached scanners. Image-Master™ features common scanning controls and a consistent user interface regardless of what brand, make, or model scanner is used.

Imaging Engine: Supports images stored on any magnetic device or group of devices, any OS readable optical or magneto-optical device, WORM, CD-ROM, and DVD. Integral support is provided for removable and non-removable devices, including intelligent error handling for these types of devices. Jukeboxes and CD-ROM towers are supported. Image-Master™ also supports SAN and NAS devices.

Print Capture Engine: Image-Master™ can capture print output from any application and create a scanned document representation of the data. Image-Master™ includes a native Windows printer object that supports all of the standard Windows printer device properties such as page size, orientation, and resolution in both color and black and white.

Third-party Control: Image-Master™ can be controlled by any third-party application that can call a batch file. In addition, Image-Master™ is an OLE Automation Server for rich control by other Windows programs. Image-Master™ also features a silent DDE Server to provide embedded document management services for any vertical application software.

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