Preset List: Changing an Item via the Internal List

See Preset List /Drop-down Editing for more information regarding preset lists.

NOTE: If you choose to change Existing Documents option in Step 7, changes to the documents in the database will occur immediately and cannot be un-changed by clicking on [Cancel]. However, changes to the list itself can be cancelled by clicking on the [Cancel] button in any of the List Management dialog boxes.


The Change List Item feature permits changing an item in the list with an option to also update existing documents that are already filed under the list item being changed.


  1. From the Index Field Editor dialog in the Configuration Module, select the desired database field to delete.
  2. Click on the [Selected Field Options] button.

NOTE: Verify that the correct field has been selected before proceeding.

  1. Click on the Preset list / Drop down list configuration label to open the List Control interface.

  1. Click on the [Internal List] radio button if it is not already selected.
  2. Click on the [Edit List] button.

  1. Click on the [Change] button.

  1. Make your desired changes and click [OK].

NOTE: If the Change Filing Information option was chosen, this operation may take some time to complete when used with large databases. A progress bar will be displayed if the change will take more than a few seconds to complete. Once the changes have been completed, a completion dialog will be displayed with the number of documents that were changed to the new value.

  1. Select [Ok] to close the completion dialog.

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