Image-Master Errors and Solutions

NOTE: This is a partial list of error codes that the support technicians have previously encountered. Be sure to contact CLS Supportprior to using any of the the canned solutions if you are not sure about the implementation procedures. Many of the solutions were specifically used for a particular system, network or hardware device. Although they resolved one specific problem for a user, the solution might not necessarily apply to your particular error.

Error 1 (File Wordnum doesn't exist. Program with error S-kofax Line # 351)

This indicates the FOXTOOLS.FLL is corrupted. Every user in the Image-Master system shares the FOXTOOLS.FLL file, so if you receive the above error on only one workstation, try rebooting the machine first.

Error 5 (Invalid procedure call or argument when attempting to PTI.)

Reboot workstation. If this doesn't clear it up, create the environment variable D32LOG = 11. Make sure the user logs out, logs back in and runs PTI. This will create a log file in C:\Imaster for further troubleshooting.

Error 11

This error can occur if you try to delete a document form a viewing workstation.

Only do deletes from a scanning workstation. This was fixed in V5.0.

Error 13 (link command : mbcpredoc =)

Run WSETUP and assign a new station id.

Error 14

Run FoxFix.exe in Imaster directory on network.

Open a command window (Start Button --> Run --> cmd )
Check where the Imaster directory is on the network (ECHO %EIDMS%)
Change to the drive where Imaster is installed (F:)
GO to the Imaster directory (CD \Imaster)
Run foxfix (F:\> FOXFIX)
If foxfix finds an error it will ask you fi you want to fix it press Y
Close command window (F:\> Exit)
Rerun Image-Master core
Delete the CLS00CS.CDX

Error 15 (Not a table DBF)

Run FoxFix.exe in Imaster directory on network.

Error 30 (Position is of the screen)

Make sure that the font size for the workstation is set to normal or small. If this does not work, then something wrong with the database. Also check the DPI settings and set them to regular (96 DPI).

Error 48 (Generated by kscan3032, error in loading dll.)

Check the Kofax version number that is installed. Run setup in the IC200 directory.

Error 52 (Resolved in version 6.)

Version 6.00.06 1. introduced new traps, debugging, and error handling for intermittent Error 52 on certain workstations.

Error 53 (File not found:)

Check the DISP32.EXE on the workstation and make sure it is the latest version. Most likely, the problem station does not have a scanner attached to it and yet the user goes into the Image-Master Scanning Module. Rerun wsetup7.exe and set to "No scanner device."

Error 63 (Receiving "Bad Record Number" error when attempting to view a record in the FullView Module.)

Everyone needs to be out of FullView to remove blank records.
Click the [SCAN WS INFO] button.
Look for a blank record in the list (should be at the top).
Highlight blank record.
*Do this for all blank records.

Error 73 (FullView Startup error: "Permission denied. Unhandled error during startup.")

Check the version of the viewer. Upload to version 4.7.8 or higher as this will trap this particular error, among others. It currently can be downloaded from the Image-Master website along with an update to the IM core.

Error 76 (Path Not Found)

May happen when you install an Kofax 650i card.

This procedure MUST to be done by a technician:

Download, unzip and install IPSnooper. Once installed, the program will be located under Start | Programs. Execute the program and once launched, click the [GO] button. The [GO] button will search the system and display all files that could potentially be related to a Kofax installation. After all the files have been displayed and indicates Ready at the bottom of the Window, click on the Company Tab, which will group the files according to their Company name. If any files indicate Kofax under the Company name, highlight the entire group, right click, and choose Delete. There will also be files with no Company name, but the file names themselves will either begin with "BIC" or "K". If any of these files are visible, delete them as well. Do not delete any Microsoft or Adaptec files. There also may be other files visible after deleting what is specified above, simply leave them. Upon the completion of running IPSnooper, reboot the computer.

After Windows has completely loaded, reinstall the Kofax product and reboot if prompted by the installation.

If there are any files that may be questionable whether they are safe to remove, please contact Kofax Technical Support for assistance.

Error 112 (Destination File missing.)

This happens because there are no space on the drive.

Error 114

The index file is corrupted remove index file and rerun Imaster. Delete the .CDX file in the Imaster directory on the server. Image-Master 6 would ignore the error; however, Image-Master 7 is more proactive in checking for errors.

Error 285 (Foreign application won't perform DDE method or operation) in line # 480 in procedure Form_load of Form IDPF1)

Check the version of FullView. It should be from the last Image-Master update that downloaded.
From within FullView, select HELP>ABOUT.
To find FVIEW on the network, go to a DOS Prompt, type:
SET EIDMS (This is where Image-Master is installed), For example: F:\Imaster\
Go the the directory of where SET EIDMS refers to.
Go into the \MODULES\VIEWER\ folder, for example F:\Imaster\MODULES\VIEWER\
The most current version of FVIEW32 should be in that folder.
COPY FVIEW32 to the C:\Imaster\ folder.

Error 286 (Timeout while waiting for dde response.)

FullView version 4.8.1 resolved this error.

Error 339 (Component '*.ocx' not correctly registered: file is missing or invalid)

This may apply to any .OCX file. Re-register the .OCX file Start --> Run regsvr32 "*.ocx. You must be an ADMIN for this to work!

Many of the .OCX files that could be missing can be restored through a Windows update, as they are multi-functional registry entries. It will replace the reg key and potentially clear the error, but will not solve the problem.

Check version of WSETUP7 installer. If it is dated prior to 4/22/2013, it does not recognize missing components. It will just install what it can, while skipping over whatever components are not there. In the case of a KSCN3032.OCX error, it is missing the FVIEW executable PTIPROPERTY.EXE located in F:\Imaster\MODULES\impti7. New installer will provide the name and location of missing file, which will normally be an executable.

Error 380 (Receiving "Unhandled Error 380 for command; PBARWIDTH = 10" when scanning)

This can occur if an older driver was loaded over a current driver. Image-Master 7.5.5 fixed VRS Advanced problem where certain limited functionality scanners were trying to set unsupported features. (Patch Code & Software based Deskew) If there are bar codes make sure it is enabled in Image Control.

Error 380 ('Invalid Property Value' when scanning in a particular database, but scans fine in others.)

Reset VRS settings to default. If there are bar codes, make sure it is enabled in Image Control.

Error 380 (Send/Receive in Imaster when emailing .pdf files.)

This error is caused by an old installation of Kofax and trying to email .pdf files. Install Kofax 4.20 or higher which is located on Image-Master website.

Error 1002 (I/O Operation Failed)

This can occur if Collection-Master is installed and you try to install Image-Master on the N: drive. Image-Master should be installed in the standard F: drive.

Error 1405 (When attempting to open FullView, RUN/! command failed. Line # of error: 416; program with error: L_FVDDEINI

Check the station ID and then modify the ViewServerPath entry in Imaster.INI to C:\Imaster\FVIEW32.EXE

Error 1705 (File access denied when attempting to save a document that has been printed or scanned to an Image-Master database.)

This is the result of the user making the SC table of the database in question read-only. Image-Master 7.4.16 along with IMPTI7.exe version 7.4.6, properly deployed, clears up the error.

Error 3890

This error is the result of having the default page size set to A0. Change the default page size to Letter or Legal. If there are bar codes make sure it is enabled in Image Control.

Error 20003 (Send Mail error was generated by kscn32. Cannot find engine.)

In the KSM (in Control Panel) check to see that the 'Kofax Software Import Source (no image processing)' entry was not deleted. If it was, recreate it.

Error 20013 (Link Command KScan1.Action=3)

The station does not have a scanner attached to it. Rerun wsetup7.exe and set to "No scanner device."

Error 20027 (Runtime not capable. Mismatched source.)

Check that you are using the correct drives. Go to Start>Control Panel>KSM and make sure that default source is set to the correct Kofax drive. Select the correct drive and click on [Set Default]. If this was not set up correctly then try to install the VRS software that came with Kofax card.

Error 20041 (K.SCAN1)

This is a user rights issue to the Kofax runtime. Check local user rights to the Kofax runtime in the C: drive. Sometimes rebooting the PC and re logging on will resolve the error.

Error 20045 (Cannot initialize scanner interface board.)

This problem occurred with Fujitsu model FI 5530 CS. It required a separate patch (in addition to service pack 1) to be installed that cleared up the 20045 driver error. This patch came directly from the Kofax website from their knowledgebase.

Error  20093 (Peripheral Mechanical Malfunction)

Refer to your scanner manufacturer's documentation.

Error 20093 and Error # 339

This happens when trying to print to a non-physical printer such as WinFax.

First, in FullView enable the "Simplified Printing Interface" option.

Second, at a command line, type: c: regsvr32.exe prntpro3.dll (This should fix the VB 339 error.)

Error 20099 ("Send mail error #20099 was generated by kscn3032. Error writing data." when attempting to email from the viewer.)

First, try to drag and drop the image from the viewer to the desktop to see if you get same error. If so, it's a write access issue. According to the Kofax knowledgebase: "Error writing data. Disk may be write protected or full. Check that storage space is available and that access rights allow for writing data."

Error 20235 (Link Command :KScan 1 Action = 1)

An error occurred in the scanner driver.

Error 20236 ("FullView Printing Error Unhandled error encountered during printer installation. No Printer Available."

Select File>Print. Select a valid printer. Click on the printer icon to print the scan.

Error 32002 (Send Mail Error occurs in Fview32.exe when trying to send an attachment.)

The MSMAPI32.OCX in the system32 folder is an old version. Copy MSMAPI32.OCX from the F:\Imaster\Modules\REDIST folder to C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 directory. Also, go to Internet Options and make sure that the default email is set up correctly, and that Outlook is open and you can send emails. Also , make sure that the profile is set up correctly and try to run fixmapi.exe from DOS.

Error 32050 (Mapi Message error: "Logon Failure, Valid Session ID already exists" when attempting to email from FVIEW32.)

Reboot the entire machine, not just Outlook. Also, if possible, change the user's password. If there is something/someone else logging in as him somewhere else, or on his machine, it would be kicked off if he had a new password.

Error 48389 (MAPI runtime error when trying to send a mail in FullView 4.3.07 .)

This MAPI session sign-on error could happen because of :

1. Security setting that prevents you from sending email.

2. Profile changed.

3. Mail client is miss config.

Office/Outlook installed as 64-bit is not API controllable by FullView. Uninstall 64-bit edition and re-install Office 32-bit edition. Microsoft strongly discourages the use of the 64-bit edition for this and other related reasons of compatibility. If using the 64-bit version of Office/Outlook, follow the reinstallation instructions from Microsoft to convert back to 32-bit Office. If you are already using the 32-bit edition of Outlook, contact CLS for assistance.

Error 50003 (Unexpected error in FVIEW32.EXE / unable to email.)

This can occur on WIN98 PCs. There are old .OCX files that need to be updated. Error 50003 mean mismatched control Components

Error 262150 (VerInstallFile Returned Code)

This is an error message telling you that files on the installation cd are older then the ones on the server. Clicking the left mouse button bypasses error.

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