Scanning-Related Errors and Solutions

NOTE: This is a partial list of scanning-related errors that the support technicians have previously encountered. Be sure to contact CLS Support prior to using any of the the canned solutions if you are not sure about the implementation procedures. Many of the solutions were specifically used for a particular system, network or hardware device. Although they resolved one specific problem for a user, the solution might not necessarily apply to your situation.

NOTE: Databases are "self-healing" and will automatically detect and correct errors caused by unexpected shutdowns and reboots of the computer. There are no user controls for this feature as Image-Master will perform the database repair procedure as needed. If a damaged database is detected when starting either the Scanning Module or Viewing Module, a confirmation message will be displayed. In such an instance, the database will be locked and repaired, and the indexes will be rebuilt. The entire process should take less than ten minutes to perform. It is advisable to log each occurrence that an Image-Master database is self-healed.

CAUTION - It is important to understand the cause of an unexpected shutdown or freeze of the system. If the Image-Master database requires repeated repairs, discontinue use of the system until the root cause of the problem is found and corrected. If the workstation, network, or file-server are failing or misconfigured, additional permanent damage can be done to the database by attempting to use Image-Master in an unstable environment.

Scan button grayed out. Cant scan a document.

An entry in Autoexec.nt of MACHID=A was overriding the environment variable setting. If you opened a command window and typed ECHO %EIDMS% you would get a false return of (S) when the core ran it used the entry in Autoexe.nt which was (A).

If the scanner is working in Scanworks, and if you start SCANTWN.EXE in the C:\IMASTER folder and can scan a page, you should check the Autoexec.nt file to see if there any SET EIDMS=A entries in the File.

Also, if the scanner is attached to a Kofax 650 Adrenaline board and the software cannot be found for it on CD, a backup copy can be found in C:\imaster\modules\IC200\KFXDRI~9\9X_ME_2K\setup.exe to set up the board properly. This is especially important to remember if you are using Kofax ImgCtrls 3.80 or older. Also, delete the setscan.ini file that can be found in c:\windows.

Erase Pages button is grayed out in the Scanning Module after performing a query.

Delete and rebuild the database .CDX file after getting all users out of the Image-Master system.

Cannot see/use buttons. Screen too large for display in the Scanning Module or Viewing Module.

Users have the ability to resize the main screen when they are at Master Control or before logon. Image-Master automatically saves these settings for the whole site (MachineID). A solution is to set an acceptable screen size, quit Image-Master, then Read-Protect the IMASTER.INI file. Also, check to see if large fonts are being used in Windows Desktop Advanced settings.

If users want unique orientations or sizes for Image-Master and they are not scanning, then assign them a unique machine ID like that would be scanning and they will have separate settings in the IMASTER.INI.

Note that making IMASTER.INI read only will prevent new installations from completing properly. Make sure that you know how to un-read protect the IMASTER.INI prior to running WSETUP for new installations.

In extreme cases, edit the IMASTER.INI file and remove the configuration lines ROW, COLUMN, HEIGHT and WIDTH depending on current MACHINEID. Upon restarting Image-Master, these settings will be re-created at a default resolution of 640*480. Use this option as a last resort.

VRS 4.0 shows a message box to stop scanning when scanning multi pages via ADF

You can turn off the VRS message box.

  1. Start Image-Master and open the Scanning Module.
  2. Look at the task bar for the VRS icon.
  3. Right click on the VRS icon to bring up the options menu.
  4. Select QC Modes ----> Hardware Warnings and uncheck.

VRS 4.0 shows a message box "Scanner out of paper."

To disable the out of paper error follow these step:

  1. Launch Image-Master.
  2. Select Scanning Module, and select the database you want use.
  3. When you click on Scan Button, the VRS Icon will display in the Windows Icon Tray in the lower right corner.
  4. Right click on the VRS Icon and select the Admin Utility.
  5. When the VRS Administration Utility is displayed, select the Errors tab.
  6. Note that the current Action assigned to the Out of Paper error is normally set to Auto Resolve.
  7. Click on the Action option for the Out of Paper error and change it to Return Error.
  8. Click on the Save button to close the VRS Administration Utility.

If this did not work, then make sure that Hardware Warnings is unchecked, which is under QC Modes.

Receiving "brightness out of range" message when scanning in Image-Master.

You can manually enter the VRS Admin utility to adjust the brightness threshold warning or return the error. However, if this is changed, you cannot set contrast settings in the Image-Master Image Controls.

Ricoh Scanner is cutting off the left margin by .5 inch

Make sure that you installed the right drive (cfm twain) not the default one (type 270 twain). Go to and download the Ricoh cfm twain drive.

Receiving error 30 when scanning

Set your font size to small.

Receiving Kofax error: "VB Error=13 Link Command: mBCPreDoc= " when attempting to scan bar codes.

Run WSETUP and assign a new station id.

Receiving scanner error: "Unable to open default data source"

Look in Device Manager for multiple instances of the scanner being used. Then delete the instances and reboot the machine.

Receiving Kofax error: "Host Process Exception in bar code.kpm" when scanning 3 of 9 bar codes in VCDemo or Image-Master.

Either switch to using 2D bar codes or make sure the station is not using Mandatory User Profiles. If you must use 3 of 9 bar codes you need to use the Standard Bar Code engine.

Refer to Kofax QAID artcle # 15151 at for further details.

Receiving Kofax error: "The procedure entry point _SecurityManager_ReleaseLicenses@0 could not be located in the dynamic link library KSecMgr.dll" when launching the Scanning Module in Image-Master.

Look for the file named KSecMgr.dll located in the C:\Windows\System32 folder and rename it to KSecMgr.OLD

Receiving error: "Unable to locate scanner engine configuration information for the selected scanner. Image-Master will be unable to scan into this database from this workstation. If you need to scan documents, contact your system administrator or Image-Master technical support for assistance."

The IMASTER.INI file pointed to by the EIDMS environment variable is corrupted or has been deleted and not restored properly. Restore a complete copy from the nightly backup or copy one from IMASTER\BACKUP (from network) folder if it exists. This file is static and only changes when new workstations are configured. Any relatively recent version should be sufficient to restore.

Receiving TWAIN errors when trying to scan in Image-Master: Unable to open default data source. TWRC_FAILURE and TWCC_NODS

User receiving the error should log off and log back on. This will reset the TWAIN driver. Note: Once TWAIN scanning fails, the driver is bad until the user logs off and logs back on or reboots.

Unable to open data source { }

This error message appears when attempting to scan a document after the Twain 2.0 driver box is not closed properly. Save all work and close all applications and reboot machine.

When selecting Scanning Module and selecting database, user gets an error message "cannot gain access to s:\cls000cf.dbf, file access denied."

A user has an exclusive lock on the database. Get everyone out, and try again. If this does not work, connect remotely to the server directly and disconnect anyone accessing the file.

FSCAN ERROR - Invalid Property Value

This error message appears when the setting in Image Control are not valid for the scanner currently in use. Go into Image Control and correct any invalid setting. Especially: Output format, Paper-Size, and Resolution.

When entering the Scanning Module, a dialog box keeps appearing asking to select the TWAIN or KOFAX interface.

In Image Controls in the Scanning Module, save the settings permanently after making any changes.

When using Automated Scanning in IM, scanning is slow or number of batches saved is being under-reported.

These two problems were eliminated with the release of Image-Master v6.0; however, with earlier versions, edit the imaster.ini file (under the proper station id) to include these two lines.


Also, check the resolution settings to see if they are set at 200 DPI in Advanced Scanner Settings for the DB in question.

When attempting to Add a Reference in the Scanning Module, the operation is very slow.

This issue was resolved with the release of v 6.00.06.

FVIEW not opening after scanning a document.

Check to see if you have correct access rights to write to the landing directory (ie: f:\imaster\images\cm)
Also do a 'net use' at a command prompt to see if the volume is even mapped correctly.
Also check to see if blank page suppression is enabled in tandem with double-sided scanning.
If all else fails, try assigning a new station ID to the scanning station and reboot.

Receiving error: "Too many memory variables" when using fully automated scanning in Image-Master.

Open the config.fpw file located out on F:\IMASTER\ in a text editor. Edit the parameter MVCOUNT from 256 to 500 and test scanning again.

The VRS interface opens automatically when a user scans a document into Image-Master.

This is not an error per se; the VRS interface is opening because of incorrect image settings. Adjust the settings as needed (brightness, contrast, etc.) and then save it under a custom VRS profile name.

File number not appearing in Scanning Module even though document has a valid bar code on it.

Check to make sure the user is not using automated scanning. When using normal page-by-page scanning functionality, the File Number field in the Data Entry box will populate with the file number for filing purposes. Automated scanning does not populate this field, as it files the document in the appropriate claim based on information contained within the bar code. Before the import, the (dead) link to the scan will be present in the Paperless. After running the Collection-Master import, the Paperless should be updated with a working link to the scan.

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