Image-Master Training Syllabus

This training outline consists of subjects that are typically covered during Image-Master training; however, some of the topics or subtopics might not apply to your office. Prior to any training, a needs assessment is undertaken because no two firms have identical requirements. Depending on the assessment, some subjects may be covered in more detail than others, and some subjects might not be introduced. Your particular Image-Master training will focus on what your firm requires. 

If you desire training on your Image-Master system, please contact CLS.

Module 1: Primary Training

❏ Startup of the Image-Master Core for Scanning
❏ Login/Module Invoke/Basic HW Troubleshooting
❏ Data Entry Screen Layout
❏ Basic Entry/Scan/Save/Done Document Scanning Operations w/Uncoded Documents

❏ Importation into Collection-Master
❏ Paperless Document Viewing in Collection-Master
❏ Basic FullView Ops (View, Resize, Print, Dismiss)

Print to Image-Master Operations
File to Image-Master Operations
❏ Setup and Configuration, End-User Usage

Module 2: Image-Master Viewing Module

❏ Basic Searching Functions (DB Search/Extended DB Search)
❏ Results Set Manipulations (Grouping, Sorting, Exporting, Edit Index Entry)
❏ Using Special Search Conditions (date range, pendings, query list)
❏ Advanced FullView Ops (Combine, Break, Export, Refile)
❏ Document Locking and Collection-Master Claim Images

Module 3: Bar Code Operations

❏ Creation within the Collection-Master Merge
❏ Scanning Using Bar Codes

Module 4: Bulk Document Creation

❏ Add Reference (including multi-ref)
❏ Bulk Import and Export

Module 5: Administrative Setup and Control

❏ Workstation Setup/Installation
❏ Admin Tool for Licensing
❏ License Issuance Tools
❏ User Account Access / Document Tracking
❏ Field and Drop-down List Configuration

Module 6: Common Troubleshooting Tasks

❏ Basic Install Check (EIDMS and MACHID vars)
❏ Broken Drive Mappings
❏ Examining the VIEW.wsid file.
❏ Examining the IMASTER.INI file.
❏ Basic Scanner Troubleshooting
❏ PTI Troubleshooting and Repair
❏ FTI Troubleshooting and Repair
❏ Collection-Master Setup Screen

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