Initial Image-Master Setup

The Image-Master setup program asks a number of questions during installation.

Installation Directory - If Image-Master will be used on a network, choose an installation drive and directory that will be accessible by all of the workstations on the network. If Image-Master will be used stand-alone or will be loaded locally, choose a local drive. The default installation directory (c:\imaster) is appropriate for stand-alone use. A typical network installation directory would be f:\imaster.

Program Group - The installer can automatically create a Windows program group and the appropriate icons or shortcuts for Image-Master and its components. However, the system administrator may decide to run Image-Master using a custom menu or by some other means. This option allows the Image-Master icons or shortcuts to be directed into a particular group or omitted entirely.

The installation routine will prompt you as needed. After the installation process is completed, the Image-Master configuration program will start.

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