Image-Master Startup

NOTE: If Image-Master is being integrated with certain third-party applications (such as Collection-Master), it may not be necessary to start Image-Master in order to retrieve saved documents. Check with the the third-party application vendor to see if your application qualifies.

  1. Go to the program group in Windows that contains the Image-Master Professional icon.
  2. Double click the Image-Master Professional icon.
  3. The main program window opens on the desktop. In the lower right hand corner of the window, the Operator Log-In dialog box appears:
  4. To login, type your user name in the Username text box.
  5. Press [Enter].
  6. Type your password in the Password text box.
  7. Press [Enter].

NOTE: If your username is invalid or you receive another type of error, contact the administrator for your system. See Creating User Accounts for information on setting up or modifying user accounts.

Master Control Options

[Viewing Module]

[Scanning Module]

[Import/Export Module]

[Database Configuration]

[Security Access Control]

[Online Help Manual] opens this Image-Master Help Manual

[Next Operator]

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