Image-Master Troubleshooting Introduction

If you desire training on your Image-Master system, please contact CLS. Image-Master training consists of six modules. Module 6 focuses on troubleshooting.

Module 6 of the Image-Master training examines the following troubleshooting tasks.

❏ Basic Install Check (EIDMS and MACHID vars)
❏ Broken Drive Mappings
❏ Examining the VIEW.wsid file.
❏ Examining the IMASTER.INI file.
❏ Basic Scanner Troubleshooting
❏ PTI Troubleshooting and Repair
❏ FTI Troubleshooting and Repair
❏ Collection-Master Setup Screen

If you need help with an Image-Master problem, you can contact CLS Support for assistance.

Troubleshooting Topics

Error Codes and Solutions

Scanning-Related Errors and Solutions

Database Errors Troubleshooting Flowchart

Contact CLS Technical Support

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