Registering the Software

The Image-Master software disks, installation, and operations are identical for both the "evaluation" and "registered" versions of the software. All Image-Master installations are initially in evaluation mode until the registration procedure is completed. The functionality of evaluation mode is identical to the "registered" software except for the following:

  • The FullView image viewer software is time limited to the date shown on the main screen and will automatically deactivate itself once this date has passed. In addition, the message "Evaluation Mode" will appear on the screen in front of all displayed images.

  • The Image-Master main retrieval and storage engine is limited to storing 200 document sets per database in evaluation mode. Users will be reminded that they are using evaluation software (and this limitation) once each time they start the program.

In order to keep track of the end users of the software and to maintain technical support and site information, Image-Master must be registered in order to operate without the evaluation mode restrictions. The registration procedure is as follows:

  1. Obtain the appropriate registration document from Commercial Legal Software, Inc. This document consists of the customer’s name as recorded with CLS, the user license that was purchased, and a 12-digit registration key.

  2. From the Image-Master program group, execute the [Registration Module]. If the icon or shortcut is not available, be certain that the Image-Master configuration procedure has been run on this workstation.

  3. Enter the name and registration key exactly as shown on the registration document.

  4. To verify that the software has been successfully registered, run Image-Master. There should be no warning messages concerning evaluation mode. To view the current registration key in use and the number of authorized users, execute FullView Professional, choose Help>About FullView...

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