Integration: Image Naming and Referencing with Image-Master



Image Naming and Referencing

An Image-Master generated image filename will always have the following attributes regardless of the raster format chosen for the file.

  1. All images are single-frame (single page).

  2. Filename is as follows: MJJJJnnn.EXT where...

    • M= Machine ID of workstation that image was scanned on

    • JJJJ= Base 26 sequentially assigned unique document ID "alpha-number"

    • nnn= Base 10 page number for the image (000 is the first page)

    • EXT= Image format extension (TIF,JPG,PCX,CAL,MIL etc...) To find the first page of a document set, use npath+nfile+000.+nfext Subsequent pages (up to npages) would be npath+nfile+(page

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