Integration: Third-Party Integration for Viewing


Viewing Side Options:

  1. You can do nothing, and rely on Image-Master as a stand-alone viewing product to be completely responsible for the search and retrieval of scanned documents.

  2. You can establish a DDE conversation with the UI-less Image-Master control module (IMDDE.EXE) and request a search and view, a view only, or a print only operation to be performed. Image-Master, upon receiving your request, will gain the window focus, raise the appropriate dialogs to prompt the user to select a document (or documents), retrieve and view the selected documents and return back to the idle mode.

  3. You can create the viewing list file, establish a conversation with the Viewing Module directly (FVIEW32.EXE), and request retrieval and display (and/or print, email) directly from your application.

Case Study:

CLS chose option (1) for scanning and option (3) for viewing. This decision was partially arbitrary, partially to meet user requirements, and partially because they are limited in their inter-process communications abilities. Most other third-party developers in other markets have elected to go with option (2) for scanning and option (2) for viewing as well.

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