File to Image-Master - Document Filing Task

File to Image-Master - Using File to Image-Master to Perform the Document Filing Task

Once the initial setup of the workstation and the forms library has been completed as described above, File to Image-Master can be used to file a group of documents.

  1. Start WordPerfect.

  2. Select the appropriate menu item or taskbar icon to perform the document merge.

  3. Perform any post-merge document cleanup or editing, including printing for mailing purposes, if required.

  4. Run the File to Image-Master processor (Tools, Macro, Play on the menu) or [Alt-F10]. Specify "MTIWP" as the macro to execute.

The File to Image-Master document processor will process and print all of the documents individually in the merge set. If the print queue is displayed for the Image-Master printer object, the processing can be monitored. Future versions of File to Image-Master will have additional status information displayed to the user.

IMPORTANT: While the File to Image-Master processor is running:

  • DO NOT use WordPerfect on this computer for another task.

  • DO NOT use Print to Image-Master from this computer.

  • DO NOT close or terminate the Print to Image-Master processing engine.

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