File to Image-Master - Formatting  Problems and Warnings

File to Image-Master - Formatting Problems and Error Warning

File to Image-Master recognizes additional formatting problems and will warn the operator, and in certain cases attempt to work around the issues:

Primary Page Numbers - File to Image-Master uses page numbers to keep track of its position in the merge document and for certain document extraction functions in the macro language. Therefore, resetting the primary page number is incompatible with File to Image-Master. If File to Image-Master detects changes to the primary page numbering within the merge, the following warning dialog will be displayed at the start of File to Image-Master processing:

Select [Yes] to have File to Image-Master strip all of the primary page number reset codes from the merge document and continue with processing. To permanently remove this warning dialog, the underlying form document that contains the primary page number reset codes should be edited to remove the offending codes. If page numbering is required, a switch to secondary page numbers should be done in the form document instead.

NOTE: Until the underlying form document is changed, page numbers that are displayed on the subdocument will be incorrect on the File to Image-Master copy. Note that, in some cases, form documents may contained abandoned page numbering codes. If no page numbers actually appear on the document, then the File to Image-Master copy of the document will match the original document.

Select [No] to cancel File to Image-Master processing and return to the merge document. No changes will be made to the merge document, and no documents will be filed in Image-Master.


Simplex/Duplex Page Formatting Codes

These codes are suppressed from the document before it is imaged by File to Image-Master. The original merge document is not changed, and no advisory is displayed to the operator. The File to Image-Master document will match the original in the absence of any suppressed codes.

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