File to Image-Master Introduction

File to Image-Master Introduction

The File to Image-Master feature is an extension to Print to Image-Master that permits multiple word processing merge documents to be automatically separated and filed within the Image-Master Document Management system.

When a File to Image-Master job has been started, Image-Master will convert the paper representation of each document into one or more electronic files, saving the image or a picture of the paper representation as if the document had been printed to a physical printer and then scanned. When the documents have been filed using File to Image-Master, there is no distinction between a File to Image-Master document and one that has been scanned through a traditional scanner.

The topics in this File to Image-Master section will explain the system requirements for using the File to Image-Master feature, how to install the software, how to format the merge documents to be automatically recognized, and how to initiate a File to Image-Master.

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