File to Image-Master with a Single Document

File to Image-Master with a Single Document

When filing a single document, or hand typed correspondence or a dictated letter, the formatting process is simplified if no actual WordPerfect merge will be performed. Use the WordPerfect document comment feature (Insert, Comment, Create from the menu) to insert a document comment into the document.

Be sure to include the mandatory first two lines as described in the Formatting Merge Documents for Automatic Recognition documentation, plus any filing information if you use File to Image-Master.

When working with a single document, it may be preferable to use Print to Image-Master instead of File to Image-Master. Print to Image-Master does not require that the filing information be included as part of the document. Simply create the document and, when finished with the final draft, print a copy to the Image-Master printer object and type the filing information in the Print to Image-Master filing screen when requested. The Print to Image-Master documentation has additional details on using the Print to Image-Master filing approach with unformatted documents.

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