File to Image-Master - File to a Specific Database

File to Image-Master - File to a Specific Database


File to Image-Master supports the ability to direct a document or all subsequent documents to a specific Image-Master database.

How to Configure

  1. Start WordPerfect and edit the desired merge form document.

  2. Position the insertion point anywhere within the document (The top of the first page is typical but not a required position for the Database Change command).

  3. From the WordPerfect menu, select Insert, Comment, Create. The Document Comment Editing window will appear.

  4. Type in the following:

FileToImageMasterDB= {path to CF table\}XXXXXX


FileToImageMasterDB= is the required command prefix and XXXXXX is the required 6 character Image-Master Database/CF Filename Prefix.

{path to CF table\} is an optional path to the CF file. If not specified, the Image-Master home directory is assumed.

  1. From the WordPerfect menu, select File > Close to close the comment and return to the document.

A WordPerfect document comment will be inserted in the document that contains the desired File to Image-Master database change command. This comment does not appear on any printed or imaged copy, nor does it affect the document layout for purposes outside of File to Image-Master.

How to Use

From the Collection-Master function Toolbar, select [File to Image-Master] or manually execute File to Image-Master by selecting Tools>Macro>Play and type MTIWP as the macro to run.

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