File to Image-Master: Merge to Word Installation

NOTE: This module was designed to minimize the number of external steps required to install and deploy the software. Additionally, using the module with or without File to Image-Master does not alter the distribution and usage strategy.

NOTE: If you intend to use BOTH Merge to Microsoft Word and the File to Image-Master for Microsoft Word features, you should have updated Image-Master to version 7.7.6 or later before creating their default STANDOC template files. If this is not completed at the time of installation, you will have to edit their STANDOC1.WRD and STANDOC2.WRD files manually or re-run the Template Configuration step after Image-Master has been upgraded.

  1. Run Microsoft Word 2007, 2010, or 2013. Select File>Open, and navigate to the local copy of CLSMerge2007.dotm to open it. If you already have a local copy of CLSMerge2007.dotm, double-click on it to open it in the default version of Microsoft Word configured on the computer.

  2. If prompted with the macro security warning, choose to trust the file (a one time selection). 

  3. If this is the first time configuring the macro for the user, accept the advisory messages concerning the Collection-Master forms directory and the Collection-Master user directory not being configured.

  4. The Collection-Master Merge to Word Configuration dialog will appear.

  1. Type or select the correct merge forms location.

  2. Type the correct user directory location expression.

  3. If the merge template files (STANDOC1.WRD and STANDOC2.WRD) need to be configured or revised (including adding File to Image-Master), click [Create Merge Templates]. The CM Merge Template Form Creator dialog will appear.

  1. If Image-Master is installed as noted above, the Include Support for File to Image-Master checkbox will be checked. If Image-Master is not installed, then the option will be grayed out and un-selected. If this option is checked, then the File to Image-Master comment block will be added to the templates, otherwise it will be omitted.

  2. Click [Ok]. At this point the software will copy the filing information form for Image-Master (mti-fields.docx) into the forms library, and will create from scratch new STANDOC1.WRD and STANDOC2.WRD template files in the forms library. If the installer encounters older copies of any of these files, it will warn you and allow you to skip creating that file.

  1. When the templates have been created, the configuration screen will appear.

  2. Click [OK] to save the settings for the user into the registry.

  3. Exit Word; do not save any inadvertent changes to the CLSMerge2007 document. The Macro System is now installed in Word.

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