Image-Master Document Migration Facility (IMDMF7.EXE) Overview


The improper use of this document migration tool can possibly damage or destroy your one or more Image-Master databases!

Be sure to Contact CLS Support before you attempt to run IMDMF7.EXE.


  1. Perform a standard Image-Master installation at each site.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to choose a unique MACHID for each scanner across all sites.

  1. Configure a local copy of the shared database at each site. Pay special attention to the index fields and their data types.
  2. The Image-Master Document Migration Facility (IMDMF7) is a single, self-contained executable that should be copied to the network folder that contains the main Image-Master system. (This is usually F:\IMASTER\). IMDMF7 provides both export and import functionality, therefore the same software should be installed in all locations that will be sending and receiving documents.
  3. Create a folder on a hard drive with enough free space to contain a complete copy of the transfer set. This folder is the staging location where documents prepared for export will be placed prior to transmission (on exporting sites), and likewise is the location where the documents to be imported are to be placed upon reception by receiving sites. The folder can be located on the network, or can be local to the workstation performing the IMDMF7 operations. To simplify administration, it is a good idea to use the same folder name and path at all of the sites.

NOTE: For direct to or from CD-ROM or DVD, there is no need to create a folder on fixed media as long as the following conditions are met:

  • Systems that will be exporting (creating the CD or DVD): The transfer set must be a packet-writing virtual drive such as the one created by DirectCD.
  • Systems that will be importing (reading the CD or DVD): Destination drive must be able to read the disc as a virtual drive with reasonable performance.
  1. On the workstation or workstations that will be performing the import and export function, create a shortcut to the IMDMF7.EXE program.

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