Completing the Document Filing Task

  1. Enter the index values needed in the Data Entry dialog box.

  2. Click on the [Save] button or press [S].

Image-Master will perform a search to determine if the index values define a new or existing document.

  • If invalid or missing information is detected, a Data Validation Error dialog box appears.

  • If an existing matching document cannot be found, an Inquiry dialog box appears.

[Yes] - Moves the images to the correct image storage location and creates a new record in the database which points to these images using the index values provided.

[No] - Abandons the save request, but retains the scanned images as the current unsaved scan set.

[Discard Scan Set] - Abandons the save request and deletes the images in the current unsaved scan set.

3.  Click on the [Yes] button or press [Y].

NOTE: After clicking [Yes], the document will be saved, the filing screen will be minimized to the taskbar, and the program that originated the print request will be brought to the front of the desktop.

If an existing matching document is found in the database, the Document Set Already Exists dialog box appears.

Select the appropriate action from the five available choices. In many cases it may be desirable to view the unfiled document or the document filed in the database prior to determining which action is appropriate.

[Re-Enter Filing Information] - Abandons the save request, but retains the images as the current unfiled scan set. Allows changes to be made to the index information.

[Save Duplicate Separately] - Adds the scan set without overwriting the existing document.

[Append to Existing Document] - Adds the unsaved scan set to the end of the existing document file.

[Replace Existing Document] - Overwrites the existing document file with the unsaved scan set using the existing index information.

[Discard Scan Set] - Erases the unsaved scan set. The existing document file is not altered.

Behind the Scenes

Once the first Print to Image-Master print job has been processed, the Print to Image-Master filing engine will remain loaded and running in memory, waiting for the next Print to Image-Master request. This behavior substantially improves the processing speed of subsequent Print to Image-Master requests.

The Print to Image-Master processing engine will automatically exit if Windows is shut down or if the user is logged off the workstation. If desired, the Print to Image-Master processing engine can be exited at any time by choosing Start>Programs>Image-Master>Stop PTI from the Windows menu, or by executing the STOPIM.BAT comm and from the local Image-Master folder. If the Print to Image-Master processing engine is closed, it will reopen automatically once the next print job is received.

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