Advanced Concepts - Controlling the Image Attributes

The Print to Image-Master printer object supports a wide variety of settings that can be used to adjust the resulting images that are generated. Common options include changing the paper size, effective resolution, and whether to convert color documents into black and white to save disk space. Paper Size and Image Resolution are standard printer object properties. The exact location within the driver where these settings can be changed varies with the version of Windows being used on the computer.

The default settings for the Image-Master printer object are as follows:

Paper Size: 8.5 x 11 (Letter)

Color Mode: Convert colors to black and white, dither using halftone

Image Resolution: 200 dpi

Access the Image-Master Printer Preferences

To change Image-Master printer object settings so that they will be used by all print jobs in all applications, make changes to the Image-Master printer object located in the Printers folder.

  • Right click in the Image-Master printer object.

  • Open the Additional Settings tab.

  • Click on the [Additional Settings] button.

  • Set your desired Print to Image-Master settings in the PTI Output Settings dialog box.

To save pages in full color, select the [Full 24 bit Color] radio button. Use this setting only when necessary, as the resulting image sizes are five to ten times larger than the equivalent black and white image.

To save pages in black and white, select the [Black & White] radio button.

NOTE: Changing any of the settings on this page except for those listed under Color Options may result in substantially larger image sizes and/or unreadable documents.

Verify that the resulting pages are legible by clicking on the [View Document] button once the filing screen is displayed.

Depending on the application being used, changes to the Image-Master printer object may persist for one print job, multiple print jobs, or until the application is exited.

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